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Monday, April 12, 2010

Early Registration Service for distinguished number plates

RTA licensing Agency has launched through Vehicle Licensing Dep’t the online number plate sales service in keeping with the strategic plan of the Agency. Customers can buy their preferred number plates from their homes, or office through the Early Request Service on the plates of the category (J), besides the online auctions of distinguished number plates; which are subject to a set of approved rules & conditions.

Early requests for number plates are sorted out automatically. The customer can directly buy the plate if there was no early request placed on that plate. In the event of receiving 2 to 5 early requests, an internal auction is held and restricted to the applicants only. In case early requests exceed 5, the Agency will place the plate in the open online auction where everybody can take part.

Customers can also pay their dues online by using Dubai e-Government online payment system, where they can effect payment through the e-Dirham, credit card, or bank account.

For more information please click on the link:


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