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Sunday, February 28, 2010

RTA diverts traffic on Sharjah-bound Emirates Rd to Dubai Bypass, Damascus and Beirut Roads as ponds flood Sharjah

More than 8m gallons pumped out

Route to Sharjah

Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) announced the diversion of traffic on Sharjah-bound Emirates Road to a number of alternative roads such as Al Ittihad, Beirut, Damascus, and Dubai Bypass Roads, due to the large amount of rainwater accumulated on Emirates Road, past "National Paint" Bridge in the Emirate of Sharjah.

According Ahmed Hashim Bahrozyan, Head of RTA Emergency & Crises Team, RTA had coordinated with the General HQ of Dubai Police the diversion of traffic on Emirates Road at the Interchange of Dubai-Al Ain Road rightward towards Dubai Bypass Road, and northward towards Al Khail Road & Business Bay Crossing, and from there to various parts of Dubai. As for the traffic at the interchange of Emirates Road with the Dubai-Hatta Road, it was converted rightward to the Dubai Bypass Road, and northward to Ras Al Khor Road and from there to various parts of the emirate. Traffic at the interchanges of Rashidiya and Al Nahda on Emirates Road had also been converted rightward to Al Khawaneej Road, and northward to Beirut, Damascus and Al Ittihad Roads.

For his part Hussain Al Banna, Assistant of RTA Emergency & Crises Team, said that RTA Team had dealt with the instable weather condition since Saturday morning, through deploying about 100 RTA employees and inspectors after a sandstorm struck in various locations to ensure the soundness of roads and traffic, as well as the effectiveness of various traffic systems and signage. During the rain, the team, in coordination with traffic patrols, carried out traffic diversions at water accumulation spots. Water was sucked out through pumps that had already been in place at areas that witnessed water accumulation. The Team increased the number of pumps in the locations that experienced high levels of water accumulation.

“A large number of water tanks have been used to pump out water from various parts of the Emirate, thanks God all accumulated water have been cleared from various locations at a late hour of Saturday night. All roads of the Emirate witnessed smooth traffic flow save Sharjah-bound Emirates Road; where traffic came to a standstill due to the massive ponds that poured to the outskirts of Dubai Emirate from Sharjah Emirate. RTA has made strenuous efforts to pump out the water spilling from Sharjah where more than 8 million gallons have been sucked out and transported in more than 300 trips on board large tankers, till all accumulated water had been cleared by 01.00 pm.


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