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Monday, October 19, 2009

Dubai the first MENA city entered in Google Maps – RTA

Among more than 50 cities worldwide

IT Department at Corporate Technical Support Services Sector of Roads & Transport Authority (RTA) announced that Dubai has become the first city across the Middle East & North Africa (MENA) regions to enter its public transport network in the digital space know as Google Maps. The new feature enables public bus users, including residents, visitors and tourists in the emirate, to plan their daily travels in advance through this technology; which is easy to use and accessible to all internet users 24 hours a day.
Abdullah Al Madani the CEO of Corporate Technical Support Services Sector, said “The initiative of uploading various transport information on Google Maps is a co-service intended to enhance “Journey Planner” initiative know, as “Wojhati” launched by Public Transport Agency in the first quarter of this year. The new initiative will definitely enable a large portion of potential users across the globe to gain access to the public transport network in the emirate of Dubai”
“This technology aims at assisting public transport users in Dubai in establishing the optimum mobility method, and enlists the available public bus routes options depending on the starting point, destinations and travel times. The service also enables both residents & visitors to inquire about the timing of bus schedules and routes through checking them on Google Maps. In this sense, Dubai becomes one of more than 50 cosmopolitan cities to use this technology such as London, Paris, New York, and Zurich with sophisticated public transport networks across the globe.
“Whether the user wishes to book an hotel or restaurant, he or she can activate the display of transportation charts on Google Maps to know the nearest bus route. This service also enables the user to move between destinations on Google Maps website, or search a particular destination; where the service will identify and display the best travel means together with bus routes & schedules in a smooth format” added Al Madani in a final remark.
For his part Wael Ghonim, Google’s Regional Product & Marketing Manager said: “Uploading Dubai transport network is the first initiative of its kind in the Middle East and North Africa. We are extremely happy to see Google Maps used in a way that provides useful information for users in the emirate of Dubai. Displaying the transit details on Google Maps reflects our vision to offer users the information that help them in their daily life. The ability to track the best route for your daily travels over the PC or mobile phone is a priceless tool for users all over the emirate of Dubai”.
To access the details of Dubai public transport through Google Maps, please click this link ( and start searching for the emirate of Dubai.


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