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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

RTA inaugurates online taxi booking service

RTA's Public Transport Agency; has recently launched Online Taxi Booking service, known as e-Taxi. RTA offers this service to the residents and visitors of Dubai as it is vitally important during events that warrant prior arrangements to be made by hotels, businesses and organizations in certain occasions such as Dubai Shopping Festival. Through this service, the customer can book the required taxicab well in advance to ensure timely arrival at the required destination.

The online taxi booking service is based on having the customer’s details and address saved in the Dispatch system at the Public Transport Agency; which makes it easy to process the booking in subsequent times. A taxi can be booked 24 / 7 through accessing the link (, and this service is currently available for hotels only.
The Online taxi booking service would be fully available to the public and all segments of the community at the end of this year.


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